Senior Leadership Team


Mrs S McGarty

Depute Headteacher

Mrs A Crookston

Mrs I Wright

Miss J Renfrew

Area Business Support Manager

Mrs C Gegan

Extended Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team

Principal Teachers

Humanities and Languages Collaborative

Mr J Walsh - English and Literacy

Miss H Nisbet - Social Subjects 

Mrs I Wright - Languages

STEM collaborative

Mrs L Mabhena - Science and Art and Design

Mr P Conway - Mathematics and Numeracy and Music

Mrs K Barr - Digital Transformation (Computing and Design, Manufacture and Graphics)

Wellbeing Collaborative

Mrs S Cameron - Health & Wellbeing

Mrs M Casey - Religious Education

Mrs C Brennan - PTC Pupil Support (Aidan House)

Mr M Shafat - PTC Pupil Support (Columba House)

Mrs E Irvine - PTC Pupil Support (Sinclair House)

Mrs H Munro - PTC Pupil Support (Teresa House)

Mrs R Thomson - PT Inclusion

Mr J Bennett - PT Pupil Support (S6)

Mrs M Godley - PT Pupil Support (Raising Attainment)


Mr M Fagan - PT Data (S1-3)

Mr S Dudley - PT Data (S4-6)


School Captains

Alisha Dalrymple

Amber De Sousa

Finnley McKenzie

Harriet Hope

Jack Purves

Olivia Ventisei

Dylan Mearns

Leena Abbas