Statement of Values

We, the community of St Margaret's Academy, with the help of God's grace, will be a school of justice, wisdom, integrity and compassion

And so:

  • We will always value and respect each other, as we teach and learn, in the way Jesus taught us.
  • We will celebrate and give thanks for each other, especially in prayer and in the Eucharist.
  • We will support everyone in need of help, in the spirit of St. Margaret.
  • We will create a happy, peaceful and joyful school community, where all will be welcome.
  • We will help each other as we journey to our full potential.


St Margaret's Academy, Statement of School Aims

To ensure the highest level of attainment and achievement across the curriculum for the young person

To maintain a high standard of teaching and promote effective learning, enabling young people to enjoy their education and to develop positive attitudes towards learning, in accordance with the purposes A Curriculum for Excellence.

To provide effective support systems to meet the needs of all young people which promote personal, social and spiritual development and underpin academic achievement

To provide a welcoming, peaceful, joyful and happy environment, which actively develops confidence, self esteem and respect for religious, cultural and social diversity

To provide high quality leadership at all levels

To promote positive links with all parts of the local community, reaching out to, and working with, our neighbours in a strong spirit of mutual respect.