Welcome to our Pupil Support and Wellbeing team


The mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing of young people at St Margaret's Academy is supported through an extensive, experienced Wellbeing team in addition to the House staff. This includes RE, Learning Support, Nurture, Developing the Young Workforce, Targeted Interventions, Counsellor and Family Support Worker.

All young people benefit from universal support to improve their attainment, attendance and skills for learning, life and work.


St Margaret's Academy Pupil Support Team
 Aidan HouseColumba HouseSinclair HouseTeresa House
Head of HouseMrs BrennanMrs BoydMs WatsonMs Pettigrew
Pupil Support TeacherMrs GodleyMr ShafatMrs ThomsonMr Bennett
Pupil Support WorkerMrs SmithMiss McCallMrs AstonMrs Sim


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